Power Automate Desktop - Actions

Power Automate Desktop Actions – Create and Use Empty Strings

This video is in in-depth guide on how to use Empty String values on Power Automate Desktop. This video also looks at various examples, common errors and why they occur.

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Power Automate Desktop - Solutions

Add an Empty String/Blank New Line on Power Automate Desktop

Do you want to create an empty string variable? Do you want to append a new line that’s blank? Well you may have tried to do this on Power Automate Desktop, however, you’ve hit the ‘Parameter ‘To’: Can’t be empty’ error issue, this blog post will show you what you need to do to work around this correctly.

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Power Automate - Functions

Power Automate Functions: Empty

Want to learn how to use the Empty function within Power Automate? This function works with Collections, Objects and Strings to check if they are empty (do not contain information!). Check out this video to learn the Power Automate Split functions in under 3 minutes!

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