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NLU – What Does It Mean and What Does It Stand For? (Chatbots, ChatGPT / Bard)

In this video, we’ll dive into the world of chatbots and explore a crucial component of their success: Natural Language Understanding (NLU). You may have heard of this term before or you’ve recently heard of it due to the huge AI discussions about ChatGPT and Bard, but what does it really mean?

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents Gets ChatGPT Copilot to Make Topic Building Easier & Faster!

Find out about Microsoft’s Power Virtual Agents and its latest feature, Copilot! In this video (in less than 60 seconds!!), we will be discussing how Copilot is making topic building easier and faster for Power Virtual Agents users.

Find Out Why Sequential Programming is Important, Especially for Power Automate

Watch this 60-second video on the importance of sequential programming! We will be focusing particularly on Power Automate as a demonstratable example. However, we will break down the complexity by using a simple example of a line of people to help you understand why sequential programming is crucial for both software developers and low/no coders.

Parallel Programming Explained: A 60 Second Overview (Make your Power Automate Flows more Efficient!)

In this video, I’ll be providing an overview of parallel programming in 60 seconds, using basic examples. I use the example of multiple trains on a track to demonstrate how parallel programming works. Each train has its parallel motion, much like how different processors or cores can work on different tasks simultaneously.

Microsoft Revolutionizes Power Virtual Agents Chatbots with This New ChatGPT Feature!

Power Virtual Agents is a low-code platform for building chatbots. It is designed to be easy to use and allows non-technical users to build chatbots quickly. With ChatGPT, users can now create chatbots that are more advanced and capable of holding more complex conversations by scraping data directly from your own or your customers websites, check out this new PVA feature!

Microsoft PowerFX Year Formula – An Easy to Use Guide to Breaking Down Dates & Retrieving the Years

In this video, we delve into Microsoft’s PowerFX formula “year” and how it can revolutionize your data analysis and SAVE you a lot of time. We begin by explaining what the “year” formula is and how it works to extract the year from a date.

Power Apps Custom Page Font Calculator

Introducing a handy tool for Custom Page designers and developers: This font size calculator is based on the 1.33 requirement division from Microsoft for Custom Pages. This web page features a user-friendly interface that allows you to easily calculate font sizes that comply with Microsoft’s recommendation for optimal readability. The JavaScript calculator offers seven different […]