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Transform Your Canvas App with Realistic Voices in Multi-Languages using Azure Cognitive Services

Experience the power of Azure Cognitive Services Voice Profiles in Microsoft’s Canvas Power Apps! With this cutting-edge technology, you can easily implement multiple languages and improve accessibility development, making your application more inclusive for all users. Whether you’re building a business app or a personal project, this integration will take your app to the next […]

Fantasy Premier League (FPL), Power Automate & Microsoft Teams

Learn how to get your Fantasy Premier League (FPL) information (league, manager, general stats etc) automatically delivered straight to your Microsoft Teams chat or channel through the use of Power Automate.

Power Automate Functions – Slice (Cut up strings!)

This is a video to show you how to use the Slice function within Power Automate (and Logic Apps!). This function allows you to slice(cut) a string by providing a start number (index) and an end number (index) to return the contents of the string between the two numbers.

Power Automate Functions – Sort (Sort arrays by default or by column!)

This is a video to show you how to use the Sort function within Power Automate (and Logic Apps!). This function allows you to sort an array by default or by a specific column, I use Star Wars characters to explain the more complex column approach.

Power Automate – Increase the size of the Expression Editor

Are you tired of not being able to see the functions you’re writing? Are you getting sick of trying to work out where exactly you missed that comma that you can’t see? Then take a look at this video to see how you can get a BIGGER and BETTER expression box on Power Automate in under 4 minutes!

Community Connector – Fantasy Premier League

A custom connector, Fantasy Premier League, independently published on Microsoft’s Power Automate. The Fantasy Premier League connector allows users to gather league, player, fixtures, results and more to be utilized on the Power Platform. An example of this is to gather the previous and current weeks league results to display the league table and movement of user ranks.

Canvas Power Apps – Patch Many to Many Dataverse Relationships (Relate / Unrelate)

So you have tried patching a many-to-many relationship on a Canvas Power App but it simply won’t work, how do you do it?!?! Well this video will guide you through how it works, how many-to-many relationships (OOTB) work, what you need to use, what you need to enable and shows you an real-life example.

Canvas Power Apps – Automate Embedded Canvas App ID Change Between Environments

A commonly asked question I get is; ‘How do I automate the APP ID when changing environments of embedded canvas apps?’. This video will teach you how to easily automate the process of updating APP ID’s when changing moving embedded Canvas Apps between environments. No morel; updating the APP ID manually, opening and saving an app after import, republishing and displaying apps on other environments.

Power Automate Desktop Actions – Switch (Switch Statements including Case & Default Case)

Learn how to use Switch actions in Power Automate Desktop and how both Cases and Default cases work. This video will walk you through a step-by-step guide on adding a switch statement to your Power Automate Desktop flow, and how these three actions work together with an easy to follow example.