Power Apps Custom Page Font Calculator

Introducing a handy tool for Custom Page designers and developers: This font size calculator is based on the 1.33 requirement division from Microsoft for Custom Pages. This web page features a user-friendly interface that allows you to easily calculate font sizes that comply with Microsoft’s recommendation for optimal readability. The JavaScript calculator offers seven different font size options, ensuring that your text will be clear and legible on any device.

There’s a video explaining how to use it or simply scroll down to the calculator:


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Target Font Size 1: Target Font Size 2: Target Font Size 3: Target Font Size 4: Target Font Size 5: Target Font Size 6: Target Font Size 7:

The Font Sizes to use are:

Font Size To Use 1:

Font Size To Use 2:

Font Size To Use 3:

Font Size To Use 4:

Font Size To Use 5:

Font Size To Use 6:

Font Size To Use 7: