Sharing A Custom Connector With The Community

After creating a custom connector and using it, you can download the relevant files from the Microsoft Flow (or relevant PowerPlatform) website and commit them to a shared Microsoft GitHub repository; ‘PowerPlatformConnectors’. This provides the connector for the community to use! This is a guide through the process for those that are unfamiliar with version control, […]

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Handling JSON Data Returned From A Custom Connector

This blog post is a follow-on from the previous post ‘Creating a Custom Connector in 7 Steps’. The aim of this post is to demonstrate how we can cycle through data, pulling it out and using it with a custom Flow. We will use the Custom Connector previously used (Companies House – Company Search) and search […]

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Companies House Microsoft Flow Connector (How To!)

This is a how to blogpost aimed at creating a Microsoft Flow custom connector. I decided to use the Companies House API to allow me to search for UK based companies and retrieve information on them.

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