Month: May 2020

Power Automate - Functions

Power Automate Functions: Substrings

Have you ever wanted to get a word, character or cut something out of a string? Well this video shows you how to use the Power Automate substring function in under 3 minutes!

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An Introduction to Custom Connectors & API’s

Do you have a business need to get your applications data into the Power Platform or simply the data from any publicly available API? Then this session is for you! Join Flow Joe in this session as he walks through an introduction to what an API is and how to make your first Custom Connector. […]

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Power Apps Canvas - Solutions

Adding CSS Shadows to Buttons in Canvas Apps

You’ve made an application and now you want to style it. How do we get those amazing web-based designs into our Canvas Apps? Well you can use CSS in Canvas Apps by using the HTMLText and manipulating the CSS to suite your needs. This blog post is to show you how to add shadows to buttons in Canvas Apps.

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