PREVIEW: How To Create A Lightweight Custom Connector Data-Driven Canvas App

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I was looking at some NHL results online and thought, how can I get the PowerPlatform to do this for me? Well, I’ve used a Custom Connector, Flow and PowerApps (Canvas) to create an application that uses a single information screen for ‘dynamic data’ that’s returned from the Flow/Custom Connector request, no CDS needed!

This video is a preview of upcoming content that will provide you with multiple take-aways namely:

  • Showing you how to make a super fast custom connector
  • Handling and cleaning the JSON data in Microsoft Flow
  • Sending information to your PowerApp from Flow in an easy-to-use collection.
  • Creating a scrollable screen.
  • Using a single screen to display dynamic data.
  • Reducing the need to create/duplicating work.

Check the preview of the series below or click here to view the video playlist or here for the blog-posts!