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The TDGi Global Hack is now over, the Dream Team had a blast, I met and worked with some amazing people. This is a recap of our time, ideas and built solution! Also a big thanks to Bogdan Demeny for stepping in!

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The idea was simple, yet effective. We aimed to create an application that would allow schools to assess a students emotional intelligence level in comparison to their peers.

We did some initial research on the first set of emotions thats we could incorporate into our application at phase 1. These we the 5 key emotions of:

  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Disgust
  • Sandness
  • Happy

We would then display an icon of a character or celebrity depending upon the students age (selected by the teacher at point of setup) that would display an emotion. For the demo, we decided to use Homer Simpson (as he has every emotion captured!). We would then display a selection of three words that the student could select. The student was not notified if they were correct or incorrect, this data was stored on the CDS for the teachers benefit, that would be used to provide a PowerBI report.

We decided to incorporate sounds with the buttons so that students who may have difficulty reading can have an audio version played to them for each button selection. There was also a need to keep the student captivated, therefore we decided to add a gamification feature, a donut moving towards Homer Simpsons mouth, which represented the students progression, event if they were wrong this would move. The reason for this is that we wanted to incentivise a student to complete and not put strain or demoralise the student during their progression of the application.

Once completed, the student would be rewarded with, an example we used, a milk shake.

The product would be used by schools yearly to assess if any students were struggling with their emotional intelligence compared to their peers and the schooling system would then be able to provide additional support.

To top it off we added a start page welcoming the student and an end page displaying their achievement. This would be fully integrated into the schools active directory, allowing the teacher to establish a connection between the student and the results. Also, storing this information while transitioning years and even schools. As the students went through their school years the application would adjust from initial emoticons to selecting a word and onto typing the word.


Young Students Design

Middle Students Design

Older Students Design

PowerBI Report Design