Power Fx Split Function (Break a Text String Apart into a List) in Power Apps & Copilot Studio

Power FX - Functions

Learn how to use the Split function’s capabilities in Power Fx. The Split function is a tool that cuts a longer piece of text (multiple or single words) into smaller parts as a table-list, like chopping up a long text separated by commas or a date with slashes, using a specific word or character as the cutting point.

This demo uses Power Apps, but it’s the same wherever Power Fx is used (such as Copilot Studio etc), it also focusses on individual characters, but you can also use full words or simply add no characters in the separator to get each individual character of the input string in a list.

All demo code is below:

Split("FlowJoe, Jax, Meg", ",")
Split("FlowJoe, Joe", "o")
Split("joe@flowjoe.io", "@")