An Introduction to Power Automate Cloud Flows with Examples

Power Automate - Solutions

In this video I will introduce you to the exciting world of Power Automate in 2024! This is a comprehensive guide for anyone wanting to have an overview of Power Automate with some Cloud Flow examples.

I’ll walk you through a variety of Cloud Flow examples, showcasing the power and flexibility of Automated, Manual, and Scheduled flows. While going through these examples I’ll also demonstrate how to seamlessly connect Power Automate to third-party services, making connecting to your customers desired third-party or even your own companies API systems possible.

I’ll also break down what a Trigger is as well as what Actions are, their differences and where to use them.

Maybe you curious about how databases can start flows? I’ll show you in a step-by-step how to set up and use database triggers to automate your tasks effortlessly (using Dataverse as an example).

Plus, I’ll give you a tour of both the new and old designers, so you can see how the platform has evolved and how to make the most of its features, while also understanding the differences. Lastly, I’ll also introduce you to Copilot for Power Automate, an awesome new feature that helps you create and manage your flows.

Whether you’re a beginner or someone looking into Power Automate for their business needs, this video is packed with insights and tips to help you understand Power Automate in 2024.

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