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Add an Empty String/Blank New Line on Power Automate Desktop

Do you want to create an empty string variable? Do you want to append a new line that’s blank? Well you may have tried to do this on Power Automate Desktop, however, you’ve hit the ‘Parameter ‘To’: Can’t be empty’ error issue, this blog post will show you what you need to do to work around this correctly.

Maintain clean and reusable code in Power Automate Desktop Flows with Subflows

You’re tasked with creating a Power Automate Desktop (PAD) Flow that contains many different stages, you have noticed that your Flow is getting incredibly long, how do you maintain a clean-code approach? Maybe you want to reuse a section of your Flow rather than copying and pasting it multiple times, how do you do this? Well this is where Subflows come in to play!

Deep Linking to a Chat in Microsoft Teams from an Adaptive Card

This Blog and Video post will explain how to deep link to a chat with a user in Microsoft Teams from an Adaptive Card. We will look at an easy to follow example, add dynamic naming to our button and see the deep link in action.

Power Automate Functions: ConvertFromUTC (No Need For Multiple Actions To Convert Date & Times)

This is a video to show you how to use the convertFromUtc function within Power Automate (and Logic Apps!). This function allows you to convert a UTC date and time, even the time and date right now, to your desired timezone.