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Time Zones and Format Change Examples

I’ve submitted a Flow example to the PowerAutomate Cook Book demonstrating the previously discussed blog post on Time Zones and Formatting. The example displays multiple timezones from around the world and how to display them in an AM and PM format combining the FormatDateTime function with the AddHours and UTCNow. You can find this example […]

A Guide to Power Automate Dates & Times

Happy Holidays! This is a holiday gift blog post will focus on something that I’ve been asked about regularly; an illustrated guide to Power Automate Dates & Times! We will focus on the multiple ways you can retrieve, manipulate and change both dates and times. Retrieving Both Date & Time utcNow Function Method The utcNow() […]

Scrollable Areas in PowerApps

This video will walk you through how to create a new scrollable area with PowerApps on a new app screen and provide an easy to use scrollable list for a user. This is part of a series (videos can be found here) where we will be creating a lightweight application that’s driven by data from […]

Getting Started with our PowerApp

This video will walk you through how to ‘Start the PowerApp’ by creating a Canvas PowerApp, the Landing Screen and navigating to a new Scrollable Screen that we will use in the next video. This is part of a series (videos can be found here) where we will be creating a lightweight application that’s driven […]

How to get started designing a Canvas PowerApp with Microsoft Flow & Custom Connectors

This video will walk you through the initial design stages of a Canvas PowerApp and help you with the workflow design. This is to help you when first starting a Canvas App and will allow you to present your thoughts/ideas to customers easier while also providing you with some help finding blockers before they become […]

PREVIEW: How To Create A Lightweight Custom Connector Data-Driven Canvas App

I was looking at some NHL results online and thought, how can I get the PowerPlatform to do this for me? Well, I’ve used a Custom Connector, Flow and PowerApps (Canvas) to create an application that uses a single information screen for ‘dynamic data’ that’s returned from the Flow/Custom Connector request, no CDS needed! This […]

Continuous Scrolling Background with One Image on Canvas Apps

I’ve been learning PowerApps recently and I was inspired by @8bitclassroom and @ScottDurow with their awesome PowerApps games. I wanted to learn PowerApps by doing something similar, I decided to make a 2D scroller game. During this time I’ve been focussing on areas that can improve the look and feel of applications and in this […]

Track Your Amazon Expenditure With Microsoft Flow (Stage 1)

If you’re like me and you now shop online more than you do in stores, ordering at just a click of a button and tracking your overall expenditure is constantly becoming harder. You can of course view each order on your account, but you do not get an overall view of your spend. This blog […]