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An Introduction to Custom Connectors & API’s

Do you have a business need to get your applications data into the Power Platform or simply the data from any publicly available API? Then this session is for you! Join Flow Joe in this session as he walks through an introduction to what an API is and how to make your first Custom Connector. […]

How to get started designing a Canvas PowerApp with Microsoft Flow & Custom Connectors

This video will walk you through the initial design stages of a Canvas PowerApp and help you with the workflow design. This is to help you when first starting a Canvas App and will allow you to present your thoughts/ideas to customers easier while also providing you with some help finding blockers before they become […]

Creating a Power Automate Custom Connector in 7 Steps

This blog post is to show you how easy it is in 7 steps to jump straight in to creating your own custom connectors with Power Automate. It will focus on creating the custom connector I previously made with my last video post connecting Power Automate and Companies House. Pre-Requisites This guide assumes that you have access […]

Official Microsoft Flow 2019 Conference

The Microsoft Flow 2019 Conference is well underway, I’ve decided to create an informational blog post to summarise the content of my presentation. Session Information Getting started with Microsoft Flow custom connectors This session is designed to get you started with creating your own custom connectors with Microsoft Flow. You will take a journey through […]

Stand Alone Flow Application – Post 1

So, we all know how awesome Power Apps is, however, Power Automate is equally as awesome and can be used on its on for data applications. This blog post is the first of a small series and aims at creating a custom connector for the NHL™ (because I’m starting to become a big fan!) and […]

Community Connector – Fantasy Premier League

A custom connector, Fantasy Premier League, independently published on Microsoft’s Power Automate. The Fantasy Premier League connector allows users to gather league, player, fixtures, results and more to be utilized on the Power Platform. An example of this is to gather the previous and current weeks league results to display the league table and movement of user ranks.